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An Oil Heater-Revolution in Frying Technology, Batch Fryers with Inbuilt Heat Exchanger.

  • In these batch fryer edible oil is heated directly in a SS coiled furnace having very high edible oil flow rates passing through it. This ensures very low metal temperatures, thereby avoiding the chances of any deterioration of edible oil and accumulation of particulate in SS coils are fitted beneath the fry pan.
  • The residual heat from the automatic burner is absorbed by the bottom of fry pan providing double heating system.
  • This heated oil is directly supplied to fry pan and returns back via batch filter.
  • Oil is heated with Automatic Diesel / Natural Gas / LPG Burner / F.O.
  • System gives efficiency of 92%.
  • Quick & uniform heating of cooking oil with low film temperature.
  • Low oil volume promotes fast turn over & low free fatty acid level.
  • No overheating of edible oil during power failures.
  • It's a cost effective system, saves fuel up to 50 %. It is a customised system designed as per the requirement.
  • Minimal initial cost compared to thermic fluid based system.
  • Auto sut system fro temperature control.
  • No risk of oil contamination by thermic fluid as whole system is edible oil heated.
  • Compared to thermic fluid systems oil heater take very less space due to it's vertical design.
  • High quality insulation inside the oil heater for cool outer surfaces.
  • High production of namkeen & chips products with reduced labour cost.
  • Self draining tuning design for cleaning of the SS Tubes.
  • Clean and hygienic factory environment due to external heating system. Ready products can be removed manually or by pneumatic cylinder system.
  • Models available with inbuilt and external heat exchanger.