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Potato Chip Line Batch Type

Fry-tech offers different kinds of Potato & Banana chips Line based on their production capacity and budgetary constraint. We have following options as follows. The Line have following features...

  • Low edible oil take up
  • Low fuel Consumption.
  • Improved productivity with excellent product quality.
  • Very low labour requirement.
  • Excellent on line oil filtration.
  • High oil turn over ratio

Indirect Heating Arrangement.

Production Capacity: 50 kg/hour Capable of integrated batch production of Potato/Banana Chips

Products made by the line are:

  • Potato Chips(Plain , Ruffles)
  • Potato Sticks(Salli)
  • Banana/Plantain Chips

Processing System includes following equipment :

  • Peeler
  • Potato/Banana Slicer
  • Hydro for Potato Chips
  • Circular/Rectangular fryer with or without tilting system
  • Flavor Mixing Machine
  • Oil Tank with Cooling System

Specific Features :

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Edible oil take up

Dimensions : 30 x 20 Ft
Power Consumption : 5.5 HP
Fuel : Diesel, LPG or Natural Gas
Material of Construction: AISS-304 Grade Stainless Steel