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Rectangular Fryer Direct Heat

Circular/Rectangular Batch type frying system (Direct heating)

Rectangular Batch Type Frying System

The Rectangular Fryer is product in the intermediate range between the Batch Type & Continuous Fryers. The unique feature of this fryer is its tilting system that enables unloading of products in a single stroke after frying for uniform & consistent product quality

Application :
This fryer is best suited for low bulk density products such as corn flakes, rice flakes, kurkure (Nicknack),pellets, onion flakes etc

The Frying System have following features
Low fuel cost almost 20-30% less as compared to traditional system (Bhatti).
Low Electricity cost, 80% less as compared to traditional system
Automated temperature control that provide better and consistent product quality.
Highly Environment friendly process.(Minimal Noise & air pollution).
High hygiene quotient
Auto ignition
Italian burners are fitted for heating