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Rectangular Fryer

a new revolution in frying technology for Chips , Dals, Vatana and other products require high heat requirement, It is a new Rectangular fryer with a combination of Direct & Indirect heating gives you a more than 55% saving in Fuel and double the production capacity.


Production Capacity

Fuel Consumption

Potato Chips

50-55 Kg/Hr

11-12 Ltr/Hr

Moong Dal

90-95 Kg/Hr

11-12 Ltr/Hr

Channa Dal

100-110 Kg/Hr

11-12 Ltr/Hr

Banana chips

50– 55 Kg/Hr

11–12 Ltr/Hr

The Rectangular Fryer is having following features

  • Latest Oil Heating Technology with Inbuilt Heat Exchanger
  • Bucket Type Continuous Oil Filtration System
  • Reduces 60% Manpower in frying
  • Complete Material of Construction is SS 304 Grade
  • Oil Holding Capacity :- 110-140 Liters
  • Zero Maintenance Batch Fryer
  • Power Consumption 3.25 HP
  • Spill Free design Reduce oil Wastage.
  • Heat Free working Environment
  • More than 55 % Fuel Saving as compared to Traditional System
  • Payback period is 3-4 months.