Fully Automatic Chips Line Machine

Fully Automatic Chips Line Machine

When it comes to reliable Fully Automatic Chips line machine to make Potato chips from raw potato , Fry-tech Food Equipments Pvt. Ltd based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India  is Renowned Manufacturer , exporter and supplier of Fully Automatic Chips Line Machine in wide capacities likes 200 / 300 / 500 Kg/hr . This products line is capable to make Potato chips in both Plain and ruffles configuration as well as Potato Sticks (Salli)

Processing System includes following equipment :

Fully Automatic chips line machine is metaculsoly composed of following sub machinery or module which are as below:

  1. Raw Potato Hpper
  2. Feed Elevator
  3. Potato Size Grader
  4. De-Stoner
  5. Peeter
  6. Inspection Conveyor
  7. Single Potato Feed Conveyor
  8. Slicer
  9. Washer & Blancher
  10. Ecentric Shaker-1
  11. Ecentric Shaker-2
  12. High Speed Conveyor
  13. Continuous Frying System with Heat Exchanger
  14. Linear Shaker
  15. Flavouring Applicator
  16. Flavouring Tumbier

Soecific Features

  • Better Oil Management
  • Low Conversion Cost

Dimension : 120 x 20 ft
Power Consumption : 27.0 HP & 35.0 HP
Fuel : Diesel , Gas , Wood , Agro waste & Thermic
Material of Construction : AISS-304 Grade Stainless Steel

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Fully Automatic Potato Chips Line